We have a strong team of experienced lawyers and supporting staffs. Our dynamic team has diversified and comprehensive depth of expertise in personal and business law. Whatever your legal issues are, speak to us, we will give you practical advice and guide you towards a positive outcome.

Our Partners
Dato' Andy Low Hann Yong - LL.B (Hons) Malaya
Toh Lee Khim - LL.B (Hons) U.W.E, Lincoln's Inn
Liew Chen Siang - LL.B (Hons) Malaya
Gwen Yeap Siew Fen - LL.B (Hons) Malaya
Foo Hiap Choong - LL.B (Hons) London, CLP
Loke Yuen Hong - LL.B (Hons), UKM
Andy Toh Chin Lee - LL.B (Hons) MMU

Our Senior Associates

Fiona Fong - LL.B (Hons) London, CLP
Melissa Teh Sze Yee - LL.B (Hons) London, CLP
Choy Qian Min - LL.B (Hons) MMU

Our Associates
Lim Yee Zing - LL.B (Hons) U.W.E, Lincoln's Inn
Yap Yie Laine - LL.B (Oxford Brookes), CLP
Nicole Ong Shi-Ling - LL.B (Hons) MMU
Aw Yong Lei Bin - LL.B (Hons) Sheffield, Lincoln's Inn