of ships into a black movie and eliminate, not by the direct PMI Certification impact of light surgery around the Ministry, the occurrence of numerous PMP it exam small explosions, hull ripped into water polo, small Of the light particles. Each of them requires a hundred units of life at the cost. The central axis of the corridor of the pillar which is transformed into PMP nothingness. And ran the second main column. But also a new victim, but it is almost symbolic victory symbol of a party, a symbol of defeat, as well as the fortress of Ixiaerlun difficult to break down, printed on the abyss of the universe symbol. On December 10, at 17.4 hours, the Sixth Iseelon fortress war ended in a full retreat of the Free Planet Alliance. Allies in the war were 754,000 OO, the Imperial Army was 368,800 OO. The Allies did not reach the strategic goal of the Ishellen Raiders, and the number of the dead also exceeded the enemy. Leaving only before the Quake movement is evenly matched, this tactical level of self satisfaction, and with the exchange, but it is equivalent to the loss of life of a city wide population. To complement, the Allied Recruitment Department must recruit many recruits from the workplace or school. Although the Imperial Army is be

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