Nahvinah Selvaraj pursued her law degree in Multimedia University, Malacca and graduated in 2014 and was subsequently admitted to the Malaysian Bar in March, 2015 upon completing her pupillage. She embarked on her journey as a legal practitioner by joining Messrs AJ Ariffin, Yeo & Harpal the same year

She commenced her legal practice handling and assisting Senior Counsels in civil matters from filing of the action in all courts of first instance through to hearings, trials and appellate matters in Court of Appeal and Federal Court. She has significant advocacy experience before the High Court, the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court.

Over the years, she also had the privilege to directly assist the former Federal Court Judge, Late Datuk Seri Gopal Sri Ram for an appellate matter in the Federal Court pertaining to a contractual dispute involving RM 1.2 million between two private listed companies.

Throughout her legal career, she has built up a portfolio of experience in various areas of litigation primarily housing and commercial disputes, strata management disputes, debt recovery, tenancy disputes, contempt proceedings, defamation, contractual disputes, Will and Inheritance Law related disputes, motor-vehicle accident claim,  divorce proceedings (both single and joint petitions), various enforcement proceedings not limited to bankruptcy and winding-up proceedings of  etc.

Besides having wide experiences in handling different areas of practice under the umbrella of general litigation, her main forte and expertise is mainly providing advisory services and representing and commencing proceedings against purchasers in representative actions, Joint Management Bodies (JMB), Management Corporations (MC) and Developers in strata development matters in all dispute resolution forums from Housing Tribunals to the Federal Court of Malaysia Courts. She is also well-versed with legal procedures in undertaking recovery proceedings in strata management tribunal as well as through enforcement process in court.

She also ran her own firm for 2 years before merging with Messrs Low & Partners in May 2024 as an opportunity to diversify her areas of practice and enormous potential for growth besides the ability to render her expertise and advise to clients in the areas of commercial and civil litigation.

Throughout her practice, Nahvinah is committed to provide her clients with more holistic advice and solutions to any legal challenges. She endeavours to understand every client’s specific needs and provide quality and prompt services with effective solutions and highly believes every legal problem is equipped with its respective legal solutions.

Apart from her legal practice, Nahvinah was a Judge at the preliminary rounds of the Internal Moot Court Competition organized by the Special Interest Group (SIG) of Multimedia University, Malacca.

She is a firm believer that “Whatever a mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” All things great can happen with a positive mental attitude. When you believe something will come, it shall. Have faith and allow for the law of attraction to manifest your desires.

Some of Nahvinah’s notable matters include:-

Strata management related

  • Successfully represented Purchasers, Joint Management Bodies and Management Corporations of various high-rise condominiums, apartments, mixed commercial and residential developments located around Klang Valley in Judicial review applications against Developers arising from Strata Management Tribunal awards, High Court;
    • A prominent shopping mall, with adjoined hotel and tower in Subang Jaya;
    • A 8 storey complex in Sri Petaling
  • Successfully represented Management Corporation for Strata management disputes arising from determination of maintenance charges rate(s), High Court, Court of Appeal, Federal Court;
    • A prominent shopping mall, with adjoined hotel and tower in Subang Jaya.
  • Successfully represented Joint Management Bodies/Management Corporations against Purchasers to recover management charges and sinking fund, High Court, Court of Appeal, Federal Court;
    • A prominent shopping mall, with adjoined hotel and tower in Subang Jaya.
  • Successfully represented a class of approximately 30 purchasers in representative actions against Developer for Defect Liability and Rectification of Strata Properties;
  • Successfully represented a class of approximately 15 purchasers against Developers in claiming Liquidated Ascertained Damages (LAD) for late delivery of vacant possession;
  • Represented individuals on Disputes arising from the validity and authenticity of Wills;
  • Successfully defended a Management Corporation of a high end condominium in Mont Kiara against a Purchaser who brought a defamation lawsuit for alleged defamatory statements made during an Annual General Meeting;
  • Successfully reversed a Court of Appeal’s decision that interfered with a judgment that was not the subject matter of appeal from High Court.


  • Represented Petitioner Wives and Husbands in both in mutual and contested divorce proceedings;
  • Acted for an automobile and industrial battery company to recover unpaid contractual sum amounting to RM 1.2 million;
  • Acted for individuals for both contested and uncontested probate actions;
  • Winding up companies and Bankruptcy proceedings

Reported Cases

  • Bounty Dynamics Sdn Bhd v Chow Tat Ming & 175 Ors [2016] 1 MLJ 507 (Court of Appeal)
  • Soon Tiek Development Sdn Bhd v Lim Hoo Kim & Ors [2017] 5 MLJ 583 (Court of Appeal)
  • Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia & Ors v Apple International Co. Ltd. (Japan) [2017] 3 MLJ 421 (Court of Appeal)
  • GP Autobat Sdn Bhd v Battery Solutions Sdn Bhd [2018] 6 MLJ 172 (Court of Appeal)
  • Ng Poh Hwa v. Ketua Pengarah Kastam & Ors [2018] 6 AMR 415 (High Court)
  • Song Teik Kim v Lina Anak Dimbad & Anor [2019] 7 CLJ 223 (Court of Appeal)
  • The Summit Subang Usj Management Corporation v Tribunal Pengurusan Strata & Anor  [COA] [2022] MLJU 919 (High Court)