Ms. Lee Kah Mun (Carmen) obtained her Bachelor of Laws degree from Universiti Malaya in 2007. Following completion of her pupillage with Messrs Soo Thien Ming & Nashrah in Kuala Lumpur, she was admitted to the Malaysian Bar in May 2008. Ms. Carmen embarked on her legal career by joining one of the largest legal firms specializing in conveyancing matters in Klang. Over the years, she has earned a reputation as a highly respected and accomplished figure in the legal field, ascending to the position of partner within several firms in the Klang Valley. A pivotal moment in her illustrious career unfolded when Ms. Lee Kah Mun (Carmen) made the strategic decision to join Messrs Low & Partners, a reputable legal firm, as a Principal Associate. This move marked a significant milestone, reflecting Ms. Carmen's continued growth and recognition within the legal profession.

With over 15 years of experience in the legal industry, Ms. Carmen’s practice areas encompass:


Other areas of Law and Notable Transactions:

  • Divorce petitions, petitions for Grant of Probate/Grant of Letters of Administration, will-writing, and more.
  • Corporate and commercial areas such as shareholders’ agreements, joint venture agreements, purchase of business, employment contracts, and handbooks, etc., by advising local and foreign multinational clients in establishing joint ventures and acquiring commercial property and business operations for various industries including but not limited to industries of OEM, consumer products, interior design, research and development, hotel, food, and beverage.
  • Acted for the owners of numbers of Condominiums in Klang Valley involving the secondary market properties in a housing project.
  • Acted for clients from China in relation to corporation operation within Malaysia.
  • Served as one of the legal representatives from Malaysia at the 'Belt and Road' Legal Services International Cooperation and Exchange Symposium, which was organized by the Legislative Affairs Committee of the Xi'an Municipal Committee of the China Democratic National Construction Association, the United Front Work Department of the Xi'an Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, and Shaanxi Hongzhen Legal Firm.

During the challenging time of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ms. Carmen engaged in a Corporate Social Responsibility program, to enhance the accessibility of legal service to the public in need, where she has conducted several legal services via Zoom with different topic areas of law. She has provided free legal advice to the public, especially poor and low-income communities and also micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises. She has spoken at law seminars and conducts legal training for clients in connection with clients' business strategy, real estate, and property matters, especially property investors and property agents.

Throughout her practice, Ms. Carmen strives to provide legal solutions as well as practical and holistic solutions to clients. By prioritizing the solutions based on their feasibility, effectiveness, and impact, her focus on problem-solving and her dedication to protecting the rights of all parties involved, including developers, purchasers, and financiers, highlights her commitment to maintaining efficiency and integrity within the conveyancing process.

“Just do it!” is Ms. Carmen’s philosophy to kick start her day every morning. It is worse to never attempt something than to fail. If you never attempt something, you will never know what could have been, what fears you could have conquered, how successful you could have been, and what life you could have led. If you believe in what you are doing, you should just do it, and you will keep getting better. Ms. Carmen believes that by invariably putting in hard work and dedication, she can deliver value consistently and continuously in order to tailor legal service that meets clients' needs, expectations, and preferences."