Chakar Low & Partners

Chakaravarthi Thillainathan graduated with LLB (Hons) from the University of London & completed his Masters In Law with the specialisation in Maritime Law. Pursuant to this he completed his Certificate in Legal Practice and was called to the Malaysian Bar in 2010. Since the start of practice, he handled civil and general litigation matters involving banking, land and insurance among many other matters.

Chakra, as he is known amongst peers and clients alike, was involved in the following types of work throughout his professional life:-

  • represented many insurance companies including AmInsurance and Uni Asia in motor vehicle collision matters for a period of two years managing to limit the liability attached to his clients;
  • He is also highly experienced in mediation and other alternative dispute resolution processes;
  • Acted as a co-counsel with the late Member of Parliament YB Karpal Singh and current Member of Parliament Ramkarpal Singh in a highly contentious drug trafficking matter involving a juvenile and managed to procure an acquittal.
  • Advised on a number of vessels sale transactions involving Malaysian and foreign parties in the region of RM20 to 30 million in value;
  • Handled a good number of matters at the Malaysian Medical Council with a commendable record of no convictions against his clients;
  • Conducted numerous property transactions to the tune of about RM15 million in value.
  • He has also the author of over 80 articles on shipping and maritime law in the website known as
  • Representing and providing advisory services to a numerous Joint Management Bodies and Management Corporations of strata residential projects around the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.
  • Represented and provided advisory services to numerous Co-operative bodies in Klang Valley area in Malaysia.
  • Successfully represented numerous foreign clients in various litigation matters throughout Malaysia.
  • Representing numerous individuals in medical negligence cases currently.
  • Has a strong grasp of procedural and substantive law in connection to general litigation over the last 12 years as a legal practitioner.
  • Due to his professional standing, he is also involved in local community projects in the vicinity of Petaling Jaya Old Town and New Town for the betterment of the residents in those areas.

Memberships and Appointments

  • Appointed the first Chairman of Sustainable Petaling Jaya Association. The goal of the Association is to provide sustainable solution to the City of Petaling Jaya for the term 2023/2024.
  • Member of the Bar Council Shipping and Admiralty Law Committee since 2022/2023 term;
  • Member of the Bar Council Environment and Climate Change Committee since 2022/2023 term;
  • Member of the Bar Council Arbitration and Construction Law Committee since 2022/2023 term;
  • Was appointed as an auditor for the BP-Guild Malaysia for the terms commencing 2017 to 2019, 2019 to 2021 and 2021 until 2023.
  • Has qualified to be an Associate of the prestigious Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) (UK) since 2022.
  • Has been accepted as a member of the International Malaysian Society of Maritime Law since 2022.

He also ran his own firm for 6 years before merging with Messrs Low & Partners to enhance his practice and above all to serve local and international clients, more effectively in the area of commercial, maritime and insurance law.

During the course of his career, he completed his Certificate in Post Graduate Law with Merit (specialising in Maritime Law) and further continued to obtain a Masters in Law (specialising in Maritime Law) with the University of London and is currently pursuing his qualification to act as a fulltime arbitrator with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators to also share his wide expertise in the law through the channel of maritime, commercial and international arbitration for clients based within the Asia Pacific Region and beyond.

Chakra is passionate about helping people and lends a good ear to those in need of help from a young age. He has also brought this quality to the forefront for the benefit of his clients and industry players to ensure they benefit in their business, work, private life and social activities. He aims to bring this quality the international stage so he can positively touch as many lives as possible.