Ms. Liew, a distinguished legal professional, earned her LLB (Hons) from the prestigious University of Malaya in 2008. In the subsequent year, she was called to the Malaysian Bar, marking the beginning of her profound career in law.

Since the inception of her practice, Ms. Liew has been consistently handling a diverse array of conveyancing matters and general litigation, showcasing her versatile expertise and adaptability in the legal field.

Ms. Liew’s specialized areas of expertise encompass:

Proficient in drafting, advising, and handling the Sale and Purchase Agreements for properties, both in direct sales from developers and sub-sales between individuals and corporations.

Experienced in preparing tenancy and lease agreements, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and protecting clients' interests.

Extensive experience in handling loan documentation for various banks and financial institutions.

Offers expert guidance to financial institutions in property financing drawdown.

Family Law:
Knowledgeable in providing legal advice and handling matters related to family law, including non-contentious matrimonial and divorce proceedings, ensuring a smooth process for clients.

Probate and Estate Administration:
Making court applications for Probate, Letters of Administration, and Distribution Orders demonstrating her depth knowledge and experience in probate law.

Her nuanced understanding of the law, coupled with her practical approach towards problem-solving, positions her as a reliable legal ally, capable of navigating the complexities of the legal landscape with confidence and precision.