Chuu Lin graduated from the University of London in 2018. In the early stages of her career, Chuu Lin gained valuable experience by representing Malaysia’s major banks in debt recovery actions involving both Islamic and Conventional facilities. Her expertise extends to foreclosure proceedings and bankruptcy actions against debtors, showcasing her proficiency in navigating complex legal matters. She also provides advice to major developers and malls in Malaysia in resolving sale and purchase and tenancy disputes.

Chuu Lin joined Messrs. Low & Partners, where she actively pursued her legal practice in Probate & Estate Administration. In this capacity, she provides comprehensive advice and representation to clients across a diverse range of areas. Her responsibilities include offering guidance to executors and administrators of estates, ensuring adherence to legal duties, and facilitating the smooth distribution of assets to beneficiaries.

She has actively organized and presented talks to the public providing insights into estate administration for the audience, offering valuable insights into the details of estate administration, including the procedures for inheriting property and the crucial roles of executors and administrators.

Chuu Lin is recognized for her organizational skills and adept multitasking. With a disciplined work ethic, she efficiently completes tasks with precision, showcasing meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence in her legal practice. She is a firm believer in the idea that striving for excellence should be the driving force in every endeavour.

Key Practice Areas:

  1. Probate and Estate Administration:
    • Specializes in probate, letters of administration, and small estate distribution applications.
    • Represents major trustee corporations in Malaysia in matters related to the execution of wills.
    • Assists clients in applying for the resealing of foreign grants of probate and letters of administration in Malaysia.
    • Acted for foreigner executor (eg: Swiss, Australian and Japanese, etc) to apply for grant of probate for the estate in Malaysia.
    • Offers advice on inheritance property, facilitating the transfer or sale of assets valued at more than RM20 million while minimizing tax implications for clients
    • Handles complicated estate matters involving selling trust properties, termination of a testamentary trust, application for a change of trustee and/or executor, and application for the removal / substitution of an administrator.
    • Handles cases where citation is necessary for instances where the beneficiaries' whereabouts are unknown or uncooperative.
    • Assists beneficiaries in taking legal action against administrators/executors who have breached their fiduciary duty.
    • Assists in applying for Letters of Administration de bonis non in cases where an administrator/executor has passed away.
  2. Will Advisory and Trust:
    • Advises clients on their personalized wills, ensuring the proper distribution of assets, and establishing guardianship arrangements for minor children.
    • Advises high net worth individuals on estate planning and safeguards their assets.
    • Designing and implementing various types of trusts, including, but not limited to, living and testamentary trusts for clients who wish to protect their loved ones and assets. The service caters to their specific and complex situations
  3. Deed of Family Arrangement, Settlement Agreement, Power of Attorney
    • Advice client on drafting of power of attorney which authorises the Donee to act on behalf of the client in any dealings of assets.
    • Drafts and provides clients with customized deeds of family arrangement and settlement agreements tailored to their specific circumstances.
    • Resolves the disputes between administrators and beneficiaries amicably by entering deed of family arrangement.
  4. Debt Recovery:
    • Initiates/defends legal actions in court, including but not limited to garnishee proceedings, judgment debtor summons, and writs of seizure and sale.
    • Successfully defended a client in a property dispute involving a transaction exceeding RM7 million in sale and purchase agreement.
  5. Bankruptcy & Insolvency:
    • Advises and represents creditors (both secured and unsecured) in matters of bankruptcy and insolvency.
    • Provides advice on the annulment and discharge of bankruptcy proceedings.