Please be advised that Low & Partners (“LP”) does not and will not request transfer of funds to any third party account(s) either through individuals nor companies who represent themselves as employees and/or agents and/or representatives of LP. Please reject any such payment request. Be alert and do not fall victim of any telephone or e-mail banking scam.

We would like to state that the following person/ contact number are NOT the lawyer/ employees/ agents/ authorized representatives of LP:

  • Benny Chen Chun Hwa
  • Wong (017-8709389)
  • Joseph Tan Wye Yi (010-3774930)
  • Melissa Leong Szu Yin
  • Mohd Gaddafi Bin Sairan
  • CGC Enterprise
  • JCL Enterprice Co
  • Star Finance
  • Goh Kian Seng (017-7270681)

We would like to state that the following bank account information is not authorized by LP to collect funds on behalf.

  • CIMB 70646770533
  • CIMB 7070324395
  • CIMB 8009249010

Should you find any suspicious activity, please contact us immediately at +6(03)-77295293 or email to Thank you!

Disclaimer: LP shall not be liable for any financial loss, damage of any nature whatsoever suffered or may be suffered by any party or members of the public arising from or as a result of reliance on or usage of any representations and/or information which are not authorized by LP.