Video Meetings for Your Legal Matters

We live in an age where technology has become a necessity, particularly when doing business. We do not believe location should be a barrier your legal needs. We endeavour to connect you with our lawyers and provide you with quick and reliable legal advice. With our video conferencing tools, you can now connect virtually with our lawyers from anywhere in the nation, and around the world.

Our available online platforms include:

Join Meetings On The Go

Our online platforms are easy-to-use and do not require a designated account. The user-friendly tools don’t have to leave you worrying about whether your meeting participants have the right accounts or plug-ins. You can easily connect from your mobile or laptop, even while on the go.

Benefits of Using Online Platforms

Screen sharing

Screen sharing options help to facilitate discussions, with options to share a file, slides, document drafts or to use the draw and editing features

Better synergy and syncing

  • Attachments are easily shared
  • Parties can be easily added in the meeting
  • Saves travel time and costs

How does it work?

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