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We are proud to be nominated as the top finalists of "SE Asia Law Firm of the Year" and "Malaysia Deal Firm of the Year" by ALB (Asian Legal Business) Law Awards 2018 and 2019.


Admiralty Litigation & Arbitration

Low & Partners and our maritime lawyers are well-equipped to serve clients in the areas of shipping and maritime law. The firm has served both local and international clients in shipping and maritime cases, across a wide range of dispute areas.
We wish to assure clients that our advice and assistance will not be without a viable commercial solution, keeping in mind the needs of their business operations.
With a keen understanding of shipping disputes involving admiralty claims, marine casualties, international maritime arbitration, marine offshore-related contracts, cargo claims and insurance disputes, our maritime lawyers are more than prepared to provide advice, assistance and representation to our clients.
Besides the above, Low & Partners and our maritime lawyer's experience also cover areas such as shipping arrests, ship registration, ship sale and purchase transactions, shipbuilding and vessel conversion contracts. Assessing the risk of our clients’ threatened vessel and ensuring its subsequent release, are among our topmost priorities.

Our maritime services, among others, include:

  1. Admiralty claims
  2. Marine casualties
  3. International maritime arbitration
  4. Marine offshore-related contracts
  5. Cargo claims
  6. Charterparty disputes
  7. Bunker disputes
  8. Ship arrests
  9. Marine insurance disputes
  10. Arbitration
  11. Mediation
  12. Ship registration
  13. Ship mortgages
  14. Ship sale and purchase transactions
  15. Shipbuilding contracts
  16. Vessel conversion contracts

Legal Help Articles  

Nature of Admiralty Jurisdiction

Nature of Admiralty Jurisdiction

Feb 22, 2021  
What is the nature of Admiralty Jurisdiction in Malaysia? Malaysian Admiralty Jurisdiction is derived from the class of actions available within Sections 20 to 24 of the UK Senior Courts Act 1981 via section 24(b)...
Introduction to Marine Insurance in Malaysia

Introduction to Marine Insurance in Malaysia

Feb 22, 2021  
What is the source of Marine Insurance law in Malaysia? Malaysian marine insurance legal jurisprudence is covered by the Marine Insurance Act of 1906 which was recently amended by the Insurance Act 2015 (both being...

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