Jia Wen read law at the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom where she graduated with honours in 2016. She then spent some time in the United States of America, and worked as a lodge attendant at a Ski Resort in Vermont. After taking almost a year break from the legal professional, she then gained some clarity in the cold and decided to return to Malaysia to pursue her first passion – the law.

Jia Wen was admitted as an advocate and solicitor of the High Court of Malaya in 2019. Upon completion of her pupillage with Low and Partners, Jia Wen was retained as an Associate in the Litigation department.

Throughout this legal journey, Jia Wen learnt that in this world, and in legal practice, there are bound to be differences in opinions, and these differences in opinions should be celebrated instead of being shunned. She has learnt to embrace her true self and sought use her abundant tenacity to improve and learn.

Jia Wen believes that she has found a place for herself in this legal profession. With the developed practical skills and versatility, Jia Wen would have to adopt and accommodate to cater the specific needs and expectations of diverse clientele.