Legal Palace

A warm welcome to a modern law office
When Low & Partners began operations in April 2009, the firm occupied a small office space on the very top floor of a shop lot building in Uptown Damansara. With the expansion of the firm from a sole proprietorship to a mid-size firm, a bigger building was necessary to meet increasing demand of our growth and legal services.

After much careful searching, the ideal property was identified and acquired. Nevertheless, the building then was not adequate to fulfill the firm’s aspiration for a modern, creative and collaborative office. Hence, the decision was made to demolish the existing 2-storey semidetached unit and to revamp it into the spectacular 3-storey legal office it currently is today.

“Our vision is to build a modern, creative and collaborative office,” said Managing Partner, Dato’ Andy Low. “To achieve our vision of this future office, we knew we had to tear down the old walls, both literally and figuratively.”

This inspiring law office certainly breaks free from the traditional perception that law firms are boring, dull and uninviting. Much emphasis is put on the need for natural sunlight, open space and green areas, with varying themes at each floor to keep things different and alive.

Its design features a customized style that fuses classic and modern elements, which also becomes Low & Partners own special brand of interior design and architecture. Both visitors and employees will be spoilt with recreational items such as a spiral slide, pool table, table tennis table, putting green, punching bags, dartboard games, as well as a spacious bar and dining area.

Here’s a look at our amazing law office:

Stunning exterior

Warm reception area

A rooftop garden for unwinding at the end of the day

The bar – an ideal place for catching up

Naturally lit workspace

Functional office area

A slide to success

It is Low & Partners’ passion to build something great together as a team. Just like this legal palace, we aspire to think big, dream big and grow bigger!